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Annual World Deer Expo 2016

The 3 Amigos Ranch booth looked awesome at the 2013 Texas Trophy Hunters Association event. This month we'll be showing off our big deer at the Annual World Deer Expo in Birmingham, Alabama July 15-17! If you're in the area, stop by and book your hunt!!  ...

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Serious Deer for Serious Breeders

To the right is one of our great looking 2-year-old bucks on the 3 Amigos Ranch! The buck on the left is none other than "DESPERADO." They don't get much better looking than that! Great typical breeding to some great pedigreed doe's. Our motto is, "SERIOUS DEER FOR SERIOUS BREEDERS"....

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The World’s Luckiest Deer

Check out the world's luckiest deer in this video from Keith Warren. Not one of our hunters, of course!

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